About Us

About Us


We are a mobile digital agency with a massive distributed WiFi network. People use our network on their mobile devices in pubs, clubs, gyms, shopping centres and sporting events. In fact, any place people spend time. We turn these WiFi networks into revenue.

We are a joint venture between Plutus Commerce and KWP. Plutus Commerce is a technology provider of eCommerce, mCommerce and enterprise payment solutions. The Plutus technology provides payment and product distribution solutions to both end users and business clients that promotes an increase in trade into previously under-utilised channels.

KWP are South Australia’s leading creative agency. They currently manage the advertising for most of the states biggest businesses. Their relationships are deep and strategic because they focus on delivering pragmatic commercially focused agency solutions.

We recognise the big opportunity for marketers and business in general is at the point of purchase. Most customers are so bombarded with advertising and promotion they screen everything out. Working to deliver value to a customer wherever they shop, eat, drink, work out and socialise is the best opportunity to influence a purchase.

We deliver the networks to make this happen and we deliver low cost pragmatic digital services to impact consumers.